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Nuestro enfoque de sostenibilidad para producir las barras de café

Our sustainability approach

eat coffee, live with purpose

We strongly believe in the possibility of developing profitable businesses while generating a positive impact on society and the environment. For starters, our product uses the whole coffee cherry and beans, which generally, part of it is considered waste. But it is not just about capturing all available ingredients but also about how the coffee farms we work with are responsible for the production. We work directly with coffee growers who understand the importance of producing coffee in a healthy ecosystem. Deforestation is prohibited, flora and fauna are more than welcome, water usage is conscious, and crops are organic. We also make sure to pay coffee growers above the industry average, impacting their lives positively and encouraging them to become real business people. Ultimately, we are trying to generate well-being for producers, consumers, the environment, and other stakeholders involved in the business, not only by being responsible but primarily by going beyond zero: creating a positive impact.

Economic opportunities and social impact

We pay directly and fairly (from 35% more than the industry average) for green coffee and coffee cherries.


Environmental Impact

We work with coffee farms with healthy ecosystems. Coffee producers take good care of the forests, water, flora, and fauna where coffee is produced.

Reduction of Co2 emissions

By seizing the coffee production waste to produce the sloth snack, we are reducing 200 tons of CO2 emissions per every 100 coffee bars.

A healthy snack for you

We produce a caffeine snack with natural ingredients and many benefits to your health. You are now a conscious consumer.


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